Follow-Up – Fall 2018

Research doesn’t stop when we report it. Here is an update on a past UConn Health Journal stories:

Glycogen Storage Disease

Dr. Annabelle Rodriguez-Oquendo, professor of cell biology at the UConn School of Medicine, was recently issued a diagnostic patent to test for a genetic predisposition for an abnormal inflammatory response that causes several life-threatening disorders, like coronary artery disease and chronic inflammatory disease. Lipid Genomics, the start-up Rodriguez-Oquendo founded in 2010, has exclusively licensed the technology from UConn Health. The company is currently in discussion with potential investors to continue commercialization of this product, as well as other therapeutic innovations for HDL-cholesterol dysfunction.

Winter 2015, “Getting to the Heart of the Matter”

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  • Follow-Up – Fall 2018

    Research doesn’t stop once we report it. Read updates on past UConn Health Journal stories.