Fall 2017

The Brain Issue

UConn Health pioneers explore new frontiers to better understand one of humankind’s perpetual mysteries.

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku said, “The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10,000 other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.” As long as humans have existed, people have sought to comprehend the brain. Although scholars have tried to decipher its codes for centuries, we’ve only scratched the surface.

At UConn, work with the brain spans disciplines, from psychology to linguistics to neuroscience and everything in between. In this special section, learn what UConn Health experts in neurology, physiology, gerontology, and even radiology are doing right now to further our knowledge of the brain and harness the latest discoveries and technology to improve patient care.

Throughout his career, neurologist Dr. Anthony Alessi has served as a consultant for professional boxers and football and baseball players, as well as UConn student-athletes.

Dr. Alessi and the Concussion (R)evolution

feature UConn Health’s Dr. Anthony Alessi has treated athletes from boxers to UConn student-athletes to average Joes for decades. Through it all, he’s had a unique view into the way we treat and prevent head trauma in sports.

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