Fall 2019

The Pulse

Lactation consultant Marisa Merlo helps maternity patient Bekkilyn Toone breastfeed her newborn son in UConn Health's labor and delivery unit.


UConn Health’s milk depot collected more than 12,000 ounces of donated breast milk in its first year.

Research Notes
A close-up of UConn Health doctor wearing a lab coat with branding.

ConnectiCare Passage Plan Patients Now Accepted at UConn Health

Members of passage plans are required to get primary care provider (PCP) referrals to see any specialist in the ConnectiCare network.

UConn Health News

Better Urologic Cancer Detection

UConn Health urologists are at the forefront of new and improved approaches to detecting prostate and bladder cancer, the first and fourth most common forms of cancer among men.

Clinical Innovations
Stem cells provided through a new biobank hosted at UConn will allow researchers around the world to better understand Prader-Willi syndrome and look for potential therapies for the rare genetic disease.

UConn Hosts Prader-Willi Stem Cell Biobank

The stem cells will allow researchers around the world to better understand Prader-Willi syndrome and look for potential therapies for the rare genetic disease.

Research Stories

UConn Health Leads Search for Syphilis Vaccine

UConn will receive up to $11 million over five years from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to develop a vaccine for this centuries-old disease.

UConn Health News

Dental Researchers Attack Painful Chemo Side Effect

Researchers across UConn are working to understand and treat oral mucositis, painful mouth sores that affect an estimated 400,000 U.S. patients each year.

Clinical Innovations
mosaic of yoga, allergens, and medical tool

Lab Notes — Fall 2019

The latest discoveries from UConn labs: the antibodies behind severe allergies, yoga for lowering blood pressure, antidepressants that increase fall risk, and halting the impact of hypertension.

Research Notes
The Power of Possible
diverse students in classroom

Leadership in Diversity

UConn School of Medicine ranks top 10 among U.S. medical schools with the most African American Students.

UConn Examines
Dr. George Kuchel

Healthy Aging

Q&A with Dr. George Kuchel, Director, UConn Center on Aging

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