Spring 2017

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mask holds oxygen mask to face

Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Still a Concern, Study Says

Contrary to CDC reports, critically ill patients placed on a ventilator still develop pneumonia at a dangerous rate.

Research Stories
the latest in lab news at UConn Health

Lab Notes – Spring 2017

In recent months, UConn scientists have developed a stronger MRSA killer, partnered with leading institutions on metabolic diseases, worked on detecting the precursor to the leading cause of blindness, and proven that not all blood thinners are created equally.

Research Notes
UConn researchers used a fluorescence microscope to illuminate a microfluidic device that simulates a blood vessel to observe and measure how particles of different sizes behave in the bloodstream. Their findings could aid the development of more effective cancer drugs.

Size Matters for Particles in Bloodstream

A UConn engineering professor has uncovered new information about how particles behave in our bloodstream, an important advancement that could help pharmaceutical scientists develop more effective cancer drugs.

Research Stories
A UConn Health physician is seen reviewing an MRI brain scan.

The Power of MRI

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has come a long way since the technique was first used in the U.S. in the late 1970s. UConn Health is now taking this powerful, non-invasive imaging tool to the next level. 

Clinical Innovations
The Power of PossibleThe Future of Medicine
patient in dental chair

UConn Health Offers Largest Emergency Dental Service in CT

UConn Health offers the largest dental emergency service in the state, with a dental chair in the new emergency department that replicates a full dental operatory.

UConn ExaminesTechnology
UConn Health Doctor views computer screen

The Power of the Electronic Medical Record

Q&A with Dr. Dirk Stanley, UConn Health Chief Medical Information Officer