Winter 2015

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artsy photo depicting two nurses walking down hospital corridor in the view point of someone experiencing the effects of confusion or delirium

Blood Test Can Alert Doctors to Delirium Risk

Elevated levels of specific blood proteins could alert providers to delirium before onset, allowing them to prevent disorientation and its consequences.

Research Stories
A PET scan of human brain

New Epilepsy Drug May Be Safer, More Effective

A new drug that selectively affects potassium channels in the brain may offer effective treatment for epilepsy and prevent tinnitus.

Research Stories
icon of science flask overlayed ontop of vitamin c pills

Lab Notes – Winter 2015

Does Vitamin D have any effect on cancer? Why don’t female mice react well to males during the infertile phase of their reproductive stages? Learn what UConn researchers have published lately.

Research Notes
Daughter has serious conversation with mother outdoors

‘Talk to Your Mother’ Proves to be Healthy Advice

Bringing out the proverbial “skeleton in the closet” can provide health benefits, but the degree of benefit depends on who you confide in, says a new UConn study.

Research Stories

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Elderly patient being tended to by a nurse

When Getting Your Flu Shot, Timing is Everything

With pharmacies advertising flu shots in August, when should you get yours?

stethoscope over american flag

How Does the Supreme Court’s Latest ACA Decision Impact Physicians?

UConn Law Professor John A. Cogan Jr. weighs in.

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